Classis Chatham

Christian Reformed Churches in North America

Stated Clerk:
Ron Middel

 Classiscal Treasurer:
Harry Verburg

Youth Ministry Consultant:
Hilma Steenbergen


Classis Chatham is a family of Christian Reformed Churches and ministries along highways 401 and 402 from Windsor to Woodstock to Sarnia in Ontario, Canada. 

Representatives of this family of churches meet three times annually and carry on business between meetings through an appointed executive and a Classical Ministry Committee.


As Congregations helping each other to fulfill our
Calling to Serve God we are:  

elebrating our Reformed heritage and history
Preparing church members to develop and use their God given gifts
Fellowshipping ,
Meeting, sharing and praying for ministry joys, concerns and needs
Holding one another accountable as we fulfill Christ’s commands
Transforming the world by responding to needs locally and far away
Carrying the name of Christ through word and action
Caring for and welcoming the lost into our congregations
Through ethnic and cultural variety we show oneness in Christ


Coming to Fanshawe this Fall? Chaplain Services invites you to make great connections at our weekly free student lunch in room D2030, collective kitchen and student Bible study programs. For full info. contact Chaplain Kelly Sibthorpe. e-mail , text  226-236-5201 or message/friend me Facebook.

             WESTERN CAMPUS
             MINISTRY UPDATE

Inviting students into a community of discipleship. Mentoring students for faith-full Christian leadership. Thinking through all of creation under Christ's lordship. Will you partner with us in ministry to the next generation? We only need a few more donors at $100/year to meet our #Campaign100 goal of $10,000! Contact Dr. Mike Wagenman at (519)851-5845 or

The ministry of the church includes all of the following:

  • Worship of God both publicly and privately
  • Seeing those who do not know Christ as Saviour and Lord
  • Disciple those who do not know Him
  • Christian witness; compassion and care for the needy
  • Guarding soundness of doctrine, unity in confession, qualifications for office
  • Support our joint ministries regionally, nationally and internationally
  • Training Christians to use their gifts in ministry                

Classis Chatham Meetings:
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Classis Chatham is scheduled to meet in regular session, D.V. on: Tuesday, September 27, 2016 - 9:00 a.m. (registration starting at 8:15 a.m.) @ Aylmer CRC, 194 South Street West, Aylmer,
Ontario Designated Officers
Chair: Rev. William Koopmans (Chatham-Grace)
Vice-Chair: Rev. John Moelker (Dresden)
Stated Clerk: Ron Middel
Agenda Deadline Please have all agenda materials submitted to the Stated Clerk by Tuesday, August 16 @ 5:00 p.m. Credentials Deadline
Classical Credentials are attached.
Please complete and submit to the Stated Clerk (electronically preferred) by Friday, September 16.
Please consider hosting a future meeting of classis and notify the Stated Clerk.

Safe Church Abuse Awareness, Prevention & Response 
"News You Can Use"

September 2014
Visitors since 
July 20, 2014



1. Youth

2. Training

3. Service

4. Sharing Good News

5. Being Reformed

6. Prayer

7. Love and Acceptance

8. Accountability

9. Working together


1. Nurture spiritual renewal of
2.  Stewardship as a way of living
3. Youth are part of the whole
4. Worship as one body
5. Provide formal Leadership
6. Provide coucil member training
7. Developing kingdom vision
8. Seeking and preparing young
 for today
9. Loving justice, being kind and
good to all.                

A list of sermons made available by the Sermon Reading Services Committee for use by churches who do not have a pastor to lead a Sunday service

Classis Chatham Rules
Approved May 2014

Classical Ministry Shares for 2016
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