Classical Safe Church Team

The role of the advocate for an accuser
within the advisory panel process:

  1. Assists the accuser to contact the Classical Safe Church Team to request an Advisory Panel (a fact-finding panel) as per the Advisory Panel guidelines.
  2. Assists the accuser to collect and organize the testimony that supports the allegation and to bring witnesses together who may provide testimony for the panel.
  3. Arranges with the Panel Chairperson for the transportation, accommodations, and other travel plans as necessary.
  4. Advocates on behalf of the accuser to the panelists, if need be.
  5. Advocates in the absence of the accuser in meetings held with the Chairperson of the Panel and the Executive Committee.
  6. Encourages the Executive Committee to pursue whether other incidents of misconduct may have occurred. The Advocate may assist the Executive Committee in gathering this data.
  7. Advocates in the absence of the accuser in the meeting with the Consistory and the Panel Chairperson.
  8. Advocates in the absence of the accuser in the Classis meeting when the issues of the allegations are discussed.
  9. Neither an advocate nor a support person may be a present or former practicing attorney.
  10. An advocate cannot provide the written and verbal testimony of the accuser that is required in the advisory panel process.
  11. The advocate cannot present testimony regarding specific events. When speaking, the advocate only identifies to the panel and to other ecclesiastical bodies the specific damage done to the person by the accused person's misconduct and other dynamics of abuse as need be.

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